Pool Repairs and Sales

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Onsite Pool Repairs

Pool Medics repair and give life back to equipment for a fraction of the cost.  All equipment not worth saving will be disposed of free of charge.

Free installation on new pumps.


  • pumps
  • filters
  • chlorinators
  • robotic and suction cleaners
  • lights
  • transformers
  • baskets
  • hand rails
  • slides
  • spa buttons and blowers
  • jet pumps/swim jets
  • coping/paving
  • stain removal
  • gaskets
  • seals

Pool Leaks

We use a number of methods to find fractured and broken pipes related to water loss.

Firstly is a bucket test to determine how much water is lost daily.  Contact us for more info as this is a simple check that you can do before we arrive, saving you money on unnecessary call out fees.

Once we have determined severity of water loss, pressure/dye and ultrasonic technology are operated to locate the position of damage.  Listed below are the most common causes:

  • Hydrostatic valves
  • Fractured skimmer boxes
  • Multi port valves
  • Underground pipe-return and suction

Call out fees and testing for these services are between $70 and $350.

Other Services:

  • Excavation work
  • Removal and back-filling of swimming pools
  • Ground recovery and poolscape